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Enabling industrial data intelligence.

At Quariq, we integrate industrial intelligence - that's what sets us apart.

At Quariq, we integrate industrial intelligence. Your company has a vast amount of data, but is it working for you? Are you leveraging it to accelerate your growth and productivity? Are you able to identify its patterns, to predict and to prevent problems before they happen? Is your data saving you money, time and energy?

We enable you to control that intelligence, optimise efficiency and yield, deliver exceptional ROI and minimise process deviations.  

Environmental Sustainability

It estimates that using AI for environmental applications could contribute up to $5.2 trillion USD to the global economy in 2030. (How AI can enable a Sustainable Future - PwC)

19% total water withdrawals are used for industrial purposes.

In water resource management, AI can help reduce or eliminate waste while lowering costs and lessening environmental impact. AI-driven localized weather forecasting will help reduce water usage.


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Executive briefing

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Deployment and Integration

Continuous improvement
Discuss business drivers and how to positively impact them

Soft sensor
Our consultants will conduct an audit to make sure you are ready for an AI solution
Justify adaptation and measure success within a very short time frame
Discuss the findings of the POV
Scale, deploy and fully integrate the tested solution into production
At Quariq we strive for long-term partnerships

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