As AG Solution Group we have been in the industry for over 15 years, and now with our ground-breaking AI solutions, we are shaping the future of industrial consultancy.

About Us

A new type of experts

Quariq is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) brand that AG Solution Group has created to bring together their expertise and experience in industrial consultancy as well as their passion for data and intelligent solutions.

Not avarage consultants

We go from AI feasibility study, through solution design and implementation, to process optimization where we identify any flaws or bottlenecks that exist. Our people are our greatest value - we back them with several years of experience and expertise in the industry.

About Us

From our team

"Our people are the foundation of our company. Quariq is made up of an excellent team that shares knowledge and values"
Eric Billiard
"Working at Quariq means working in a company that  shapes the future in an intelligent way"
Stephanie Cauwenbergh
HR Director
"As we are in charge not only of consulting but also of implementation, we provide constant support to all our clients"
Luis Fernando Marcos
Management Consultant
"Our team is a perfect blend of knowledge, experience and commitment. Our people are our most valuable asset"
Levi Slap
AI Manager

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