Golden batch for Sanofi

July 7, 2022


The goal of any pharmaceutical company in batch production would be to achieve perfect batches consistently. An ideal batch means that the production process variables are aligned to produce a perfect batch, making maximum use of raw materials in an efficient production time and high quality with minimal errors or failures.

The ideal batch is what our customer, Sanofi, and many pharmaceutical companies, want for their production: to generate the perfect batch every time. However, many of these variables may eventually impact product quality, and they will lose the conditions for obtaining the ideal batch.


Our data experts implemented a Golden Batch for Sanofi. The Golden Batch concept enables the system to recreate the exact conditions for an ideal batch. Our experts recorded the process values over time and then analyzed the resulting data to determine critical variables.

The Golden Batch is the time-based profile that resulted from this analysis. As a batch runs, the system compares the variables in the Golden Batch profile and prompts the operator with any necessary adjustments.


  • Reduced quality, throughput, waste, yield improvement, and energy efficiency costs.
  • Improvement in both process and product quality to maintain pharmaceutical industry standards.
  • Improved production throughput.

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