Smart boiler cleaning

July 26, 2022



Our customer uses soot blowing to clean the heat exchange surfaces in a boiler duct as part of their manufacturing process. This process is done daily at specific times throughout the day. Therefore, this cleaning represents using resources, energy, and time that impact production.  




Experts from Quariq, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) division of AG Solution Group, analyzed historical boiler duct data stored in the PI systems. They used a data analysis methodology that considers digital and analog variables and boiler parameters.    

With this methodology is how the experts generate predictions based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms that allow adjusting the blowdown frequency in the system to minimize the number of cleanings that occur, always guaranteeing the correct performance of the boiler.  



  • Reduction of the blowing frequency.   
  • Removal of the amount of steam used for cleaning.    
  • Increased steam turbine electrical production by reducing the condensation used for cleaning.   
  • Reduction of the abrasive effect of the protective elements of the ducts.  
  • Drop in the frequency of consumables replacement.   
  • Reduction of production stoppages, which translates into cost savings. 

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